Every Move You Make

Did you know your cell phone is giving your location data away? It’s the perfect little tracker sitting right in your pocket sending out location reveals all day long (and all night). Data brokers sell your location data to the highest bidder and you will never know a thing! Location data collection runs much deeper than we think and the FTC is finally cracking down (read about it here) but it’s just a bare minimum start.

Using a VPN is a great start to masking your location details. It’s not a perfect science and ISP providers and streaming companies can still figure out you are using a VPN but they cannot see what you are doing online or your location. For public WiFi and general location privacy protection, a VPN is your best protection. You can also check your Settings on your mobile device to see what apps are turned on to always track your location. You can turn this off or set them to only pull location data when you are actively using the app. Remember, every move you make is likely being tracked whether it’s your phone, GPS in the car, using public WiFi or simply being outside and tracked with commercial surveillance cameras. It’s time to protect your privacy before it’s too late and you can’t get it back.

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