What’s Your Name? Data Brokers Are Selling It Right Now.

Go ahead. Search for yourself online. Your address? EASY. Your telephone number? EASY. Your family members? EASY.

Anyone wanting to find out information about you can pay quick $ for a detailed file. Public records are, well, public. Marriage licenses, driver licences, property ownership, voter registation, vehicle registration, you name it. Currently, public records are not protected and data brokers have full access. Your own government and state/local agencies are the ones who sell your information to these data brokers. If you are an activist of any kind and someone wants to harrass you, it’s not hard to find you. Read here about the nuances and difficulty in trying to scrub your personal information from the internet. We have to keep this conversation alive and spread the word. Your privacy is at grave risk.

Oliver W. Jones SAS
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