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DS Defender & Private Browser

DS Defender is a 'no account needed' VPN with fully integrated ad blocking. It's one of the fastest VPNs on the market, built around Wireguard and designed for multi-platform support with Flutter.

Its been launched on Android, iOS, Mac and PC and has an interesting fan base! The technology is supporting a fully redundant 'no-tracking/no-logs' back-end.

Seekadoo Kids Safe Search

Seekadoo is a safe search engine and mobile application designed specifically for kids, providing a safe and secure online environment for them to explore and learn.

Built with Flutter and Elasticsearch a user-friendly interface makes it easy for kids to navigate and find age-appropriate content. Advanced filtering technology ensures that they are protected from inappropriate ads, harmful material or online tracking. Curated content from educators provide constantly evolving and updated content.

With Seekadoo parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are safe and protected while using the internet. Our commitment to child safety extends beyond just providing a secure, no-tracking platform. Seekadoo also offers educational resources and tools to help kids learn and grow in a positive way.

Datacappy VPN & Private Browser

Datacappy started as a private ad-blocking browser and evolved into a privacy platform. Datacappy has a fast Wireguard VPN integrated with back-end ad-blocking to add another level of security against today's trackers. Datacappy is available on all the major platforms.

A site for parents, privacyparent.com

Privacy Parent offers valuable resources and information for parents on how to keep their children safe and secure online. It provides reviews of popular apps, websites, and other technology products to help parents understand the potential privacy risks involved and make informed decisions about what is appropriate for their children to use. Privacy Parent also provides helpful tips and guidelines on how to have meaningful conversations with kids about online safety, privacy, and security, and how to set up safe and secure online profiles and accounts for them. Additionally, it provides resources on various aspects of online safety, including cyberbullying, online predators, and privacy settings. Privacy Parent is a comprehensive resource for parents who are concerned about their children's privacy online and want to make sure they stay protected and safe.

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