Oliver W. Jones SAS
Dream Big
DS Defender VPN & Private Browser
DS Defender is a 'no account needed' VPN. It's one of the fastest VPNs on the market, based on Wireguard and built with Flutter for multi-platform mobile support. Its been launched on Android, iOS, Mac and PC and has an interesting fan base! The technology is supporting a fully redundant 'no-tracking' back-end.
Datacappy VPN & Private Browser
Datacappy started as a private ad-blocking browser and evolved into a privacy platform. Datacappy has a fast Wireguard VPN integrated with back-end ad-blocking to add another level of security against today's trackers. Datacappy is available on all the major platforms.
Seekadoo Kids Safe Search
Seekadoo is a curated search engine. Educators have selected thousands of safe and usefull sites to crawl and feature on a proprietary search platform specifically designed for kids. Ad blocking and the ability to block advanced tracking are a few of the features. A multi-platform solution for schools and families. Technically the solution is cloud based and managed with Apache technology.
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